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The Best Support

The best support means we stand behind our work. We get it done right the first time, and we maintain it to ensure you don't run into surprises.

Security Focused

We design your infrastructure with security in mind from the ground up. We make sure that your business doesn't end up in the paper because of a breach.

The best support also means that we don’t use cookie cutter solutions. Your business is unique!
We take the time to understand your needs and craft a custom solution that best fits your business.

Our Services


Starting at $25

Web Services

Starting at $8

Data Recovery

    Starting at $200

    Security Testing

      Starting at $800

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      Our Certifications

      (All of our employees and contractors are required to maintain a minimum of the following certifications)

      CompTIA A+

      This certification is one of the most popular IT certifications. It ensures that the holder knows hardware and software repair, along with general infrastructure administration.

      This certification is vendor-neutral (ensuring knowledge pertaining to all brands of technology).

      CompTIA Network+

      This certification ensures that the holder can design, implement, and troubleshoot networks of all sizes.

      This certification is vendor-neutral (ensuring knowledge applicable to all brands and styles of networking equipment).

      CompTIA Security+

      This certification ensures that the holder can secure and test applications/networks, as well as perform basic cyber forensics tasks.

      This certification is vendor-neutral (ensuring that the holder is not tied to one process or product and can accurately test most technologies).

      Client Reviews

      • Dominique M. Avatar

        Brian is the absolute best computer technician my business has ever experienced. He is a computer genius. I have been in business 17 years and can fix anything !

        Dominique M. 8/13/2018
      • Patrick S. Avatar

        Brian did a great job! SD card in phone had a problem, and lost all of my wife's pictures of the kids and our family vacation, and Brian was able to recover almost everything. Many thousands of pictures, and she was greatly relieved.

        Patrick S. 11/16/2016
      • Sandy T. Avatar

        You are the best!!!!!!!

        Sandy T. 8/13/2018

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